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The township of Bushehr is located in a vast plain running along the coastal region. The capital city being Bandar-e-Bushehr or the 'Port of Bushehr'. This port is at a distance of 1,218 km. from Tehran, and has a hot, humid climate. Since the past, this port has been one of the important ones in Persian Gulf which has an international airport too. During the 1st and 2nd Millennium BC., the Peninsula of Bushehr was a thriving and flourishing seat of civilization called 'Rey Shahr'.

Many relics have been found in this regard related to the Elamite era and the civilization of Shoosh. These structures of "Rey Shahr' are said to be related to Ardeshir Sassanide and Rey Shahr was formerly known by the name of Ram Ardeshir. Thereby through the passage of time came to be called Rey Shahr and thence Bushehr.

Main Townships: Bushehr, Dashtestan, Dayer, Genaveh, Tangestan, etc. Main Attractions: Ardeshir Palace, Persian Gulf Coast, Siraf Ancient City, Zar Khezer Khan Castle, etc.


Townships, Bushehr

Dashtestan (Burazjan)

This township is in the north of Bushehr, its center being 'Burazjan', which lies at a distance of 1,147 km. from Tehran. Dashtestan experiences an extremely warm climate and in past was known as 'Shabankareh' its center is the ancient city of 'Eij'. Burazjan was one of its basis, where there are the remnants of an ancient castle.

Dashti (Khormoj)

This township is in the south of the province its capital city being 'Khormoj'. Kaki was the center of the Dashti block and it was used to be called Mandestan. The relics of this vicinity are a temple and an ancient tower, but the natural attractions of the area can draw numerous sight-seeing visitors.


Dayer is located on the coast of Persian Gulf, its center being 'Bandar-e-Dayer'. The same is 50 km. south west of 'Bandar-e-Taheri'. The 'Jalal Khan Hakem' castle (which is more that 200 years old) is in this city. Imamzadeh Shah Mohammad is also located in this area.


This township is located to the north of the province and near the coast of Persian Gulf. Its center is the historical city of Daylam. Evidence of two ancient ports in this area, such as Mahruban located 24 km. north of Daylam and 'Bandar-e-Si' 20 km. from Daylam throw light on the ancient and historical past of this vicinity, which intermingles with that of 'Bandar-e-Genaveh'.


Bandar-e-Genaveh lies on the coastal waters of The Persian Gulf, between Bandar-e-Bushehr and Daylam. The current city of Genaveh has been constructed in the southern segment of the old city. Relics such as stone arches are evident in the ancient city.


This township lies in the extreme south eastern region of the province on the coast of Persian Gulf. Bandar-e-Taheri being one of its districts, was an important center of trade and commerce in the 4th century AH. The Port of Siraf or 'Bandar-e-Siraf', west of this region was one of the largest ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf and after Shiraz it ranked as the second city of the province of 'Ardeshir Khoreh'. The Thermal spring of 'Mianloo' north of Kangan is a place worth seeing.

Tangestan (Ahram)

Tangestan is yet another townships of Bushehr the center of which is 'Ahram'. The famous fort of Tangestan lies in this township, the inhabitants of which are distinct for their loyalty to the country and chivalry. It is believed that the vicinity of 'Tedumari' in Tangestan is a reminder of a trading clan reputedly from central Asia ,i.e., the ancient 'Tedmer' and 'Palmir' tribes. It is evident that the coastal region of the Persian Gulf was an important trading and commercial center for traders belonging to different areas in the past.

Castles and Forts , Bushehr

Borj Castle, Dashti

This is the remnants of the large castle of Khormoj and is architectublack in the 'Saljuqi' style with arched roofs and decorative plaster moldings

Burazjan Fort, Dashtestan

This castle located in the city center of Burazjan, was for a long duration utilized as a prison. Originally it was a 'caravansary' or local inn in Qajar period and is on national record.

Dutch (Holandiha) Castle, Khark Island

This castle is located in the north east of Khark Island. In the year 1748 AD. contemporary to the period of the Safavid reign and the Afqani conquests in Iran, the Dutch gave up their trading center in Bandar Abbas and transformed this center to Khark Island. Hence the construction of this castle is attributed to Baron Kenep Hawsen.

Zar Khezer Khan Castle, Tangestan

This castle is to the north of Ahram and belongs to Zar Khezer Khan Tangestani and at present is the residence of his descendants. The castle includes four towers and rampart apart from the private facilities for use of the residents.

Other Castles, Bushehr

Besides the above mentioned castles, the Jalal Khan Hakem Castle in Dayer and the Malek Castle in Ray Shahr are worth mentioning.

Persian Gulf and Wetlands, Bushehr

Helleh Wetland, Bushehr

In the territory of Helleh the two rivers of Dalky and Shapour have brought about a large Wetland. Surrounding this wetland are marshes which have provided a habitat for immigrant birds.

Persian Gulf Coast, Bushehr

The coast of this province is of two types,i.e., sandy and rocky. The latter in itself is a wonderful sight worth seeing. Being of limestone and due to the active water erosion, leaving beautiful and natural impressions behind. The sandy shores, however, provide recreational areas for water sports. Bushehr being close to the cities of Abadan, Bandar-e-Abbas, Shiraz in Iran; including other countries of Persian Gulf such as Kuwait and Bahrain, attracts many tourists and visitors during the winter season.

Tombs, Bushehr

Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Esfahani Tomb, Khark Island

This tomb is octagonal and is similar to Mongol architecture. There is a strong possibility that Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Esfahani was buried was burried here in the year (1170 AH.)

Sibveyh Tomb, Siraf

In this mausoleum two tombs can be observed, a larger grave bearing a chest and an inscription in the 'kufic script' and another smaller grave without a tomb stone which is the grave of Sibveyh.