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Expert assistance for acquiring tourist and business visas. Our dedicated and efficient staffs guide you through the visa process and suggest the best possible ways to deal with the intricacies of obtaining proper permits and certificates.


Safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport at all your destinations. Safe and reliable rental or chauffeured automobile, caravan, and Bus/Van services for all your transportation needs during your visits throughout Iran.


Suitable, comfortable, and luxury hotel and apartment-hotel accommodation in Tehran and throughout Iran. All accommodation offered by BWT are inspected and rated by our experts on a regular and continuing basis.


Contact us for information on the latest rules and regulations, fairs and exhibitions' schedules, banking, currency, and other financial issues, and let us put you in touch with the right partner or commercial counterpart in the dynamic Iranian business community. We can also arrange business trips to local and regional markets and free-trade zones.


We offer a great variety of guided and specialty tours to satisfy a wide range of taste and interests.

Cultural Tours

Iran is one of the most ancient nations in the world. A cultural force going back thousands of years –the Old World's ''melting pot'', the cross-road of civilizations. Visit archaeological sites and monuments, museums and galleries, representing pre-historic and ancient times, to Islamic, medieval, and modern periods.


Whether an ornithologist or a hunter, you can take advantage of our tailor-made specialty tours allowing you to enjoy the natural wonders of this vast country in a way that best suits you. Ride through the desert on a camel, or behind the wheels of a cool and comfortable safari van. Trek through lush mountain forests on foot, or walk along the beautiful beaches of the Caspian Sea, the white sands of Kish, or sail on the dazzling blue waters of Qeshm on the Persian Gulf.


Visit little, out-of-the-way holy shrines, or be filled with awe and wonder at great religious centers of Mashhad and Qom. We understand the special nature of such personal ventures and we know how to take care of every detail on your itinerary. We will do our best to make your spiritual journey most memorable.


Iran is a veritable treasure-trove of gastronomic delights, but you would need an expert hand to lead you through the maze of streets and alleys to these hidden delights. Tehran and other large cities offer a tremendous variety of traditional and cosmopolitan dining establishments, cafes, and coffee-shops. You can find everything from baguettes and croissants to steaming, oven-fresh sangaks and barbaris; Savor the best fruits in the world, or feast on the most delicious pastry you have ever tasted; spend an elegant evening dining on a plate of delicious local gastronomic cuisine, or enjoy the noisy up-beat atmosphere of a chelo-kababi on a Friday afternoon. You can also rely on us to provide you with the latest news on concerts, plays, and the latest information on the world-famous Iranian cinema.


Let us help you find that ideal Persian carpet, the most exquisite objet d'art, or the latest canvas by a contemporary painter. We will take you shopping for traditional handicrafts, antiques, art-work, jewelry, electronic equipment, home appliances, textiles, or the latest fashions.

Traveling Abroad

BWT provides complete coverage of your travel plans abroad. We offer visa services, take care of your ground transportation needs to and from the airport at your destination, provide full automobile rental services (with the option to pre-pay before departure for hassle-free services at your city of destination) and provide you with the best choices in hotel and rental accommodation overseas. You can take advantage of our wide selections of group and specialty tours. You can also count on us to make all the necessary arrangements for that family reunion with your loved ones abroad.